How to have Form's Text Formula be searchable so as to identify records to be updated

Hi, here's what I am trying to achieve below. The part in bold is what I seem to have a problem with.

  1. Employee (Account User) raises a purchase request for several boxes of screws from a Form. A record is automatically created from this action. A Text Formula which utilises Auto Increment automatically generates a purchase request code which is stored in that record
  2. The boxes of screws arrive at the office at different times in 3 different delivery orders. Employee (Account User) then has to go to a Form and key in all the details of the 3 delivery orders. From the Form, he wants to easily search for the purchase request by having a drop-down list of purchase request codes which he can click on. This then allows him to key in information relating to the 3 delivery orders.

The problem with the part in bold is that Knack doesn't allow Text Formula connection fields to be a dropdown menu.

How do I get around this? I reckon this is similar to how a customer purchases items and there is an invoice, but the company may have a number of delivery orders for the items to be sent to that customer.


I may have this wrong (easy without seeing the specifics) but I think this may just be a matter of setting the Purchase Request Code field to be the Display Field for the request object (in the settings tab). You can definitely have formula fields for this.

If your recording who made the request (user) then you can probably also filter this to only show the users own records.