Populate additional fields from connected object

Request is essentially for Lookups.
Ability to populate the contents of several fields from the selection of another field.

Scenario: When entering an order I want to select the applicable product from a drop-down list. Once the product is selected the application should automatically populate the product description field and the price on the input form and save in the database.

I'm surprised this is not handled within the system already. This would be a huge benefit to our business and would also appreciate any news on this topic. ewingama@gmail.com 

I have also build an app where this feature would be helpful

I'm looking for a solution concerning this problem too. If anybody has discovered something new about this, please contact me:

I too have an application where this would be helpful

I am also looking for this feature.  Formula fields from master is not available to show up in the child forms.



I need this feature too. I assume right now knack doesn't allow text formula fields to be displayed in form but it does allow equation. I don't know why? May be you can show the price using number equation but description is not possible. 

I have a very similar requirement and looking for a solution. selva@thepracticebridge.com