Allowing Users to Select Filters on Map

Hello, I have a custom object that is a map used to find service locations for our staff (we have a mix of about 60 owned locations and 300 third-party locations).

We would like to set a custom filter that allows users of the map to trigger if they would like to only view the 60 company owned locations or total locations (including third party).

We use our company name in all the location name fields and I know that we can set up a filter on the back-end of the map to filter these out but can’t quite seem to figure out how to add a button on the front-end that allows users to turn off or on this filter.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.


Use a filter menu in the Map View. The settings will be:

Link #1: When Location Name contains My Company, say “Company Owned Locations”
Link #2: When Location Name is not blank, say “All Locations”

Here’s a screenshot:

A limitation with this approach is that users won’t have the ability to add custom filters. Is that a requirement?


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