Fine-Tuned Filters

In my Live App I have been forced to use Filter Menus in numerous tables.

If I allow the user to set filters there are invariably filter options that he could select that will reveal other users' data. First, this looks unprofessional, and secondly the list of choices is overwhelming and therefore useless.

Filter Menus would be a much more powerful tool if you could apply more than one filter at a time. This is possible when the user sets filters. Why not with Filter Menus?

Another solution to the filtering limitation would be to add a way to modify filtering individually by table fields when the user is allowed to set filters. This would work similar to 'inline editing'. With inline editing you can turn it off field by field. If I could control which fields the user can use to set filters, filtering would be solved for me.

Yes. Also, when creating reports you see ALL data, not just user specific data. Fix this too; I feel it in inline with this filter request.