Allow Tabbed Filters AND Custom Filters at the Same Time

Sometimes I need permanent tab filters that users can easily access and switch between (eg [Active Customers][Inactive Customers][All Customers]) while at the same time being able to add custom filters (eg Last Name = SMITH). Currently, you can't have both at the same time, it's one or the other.

Old post, but I think this would still be very helpful.  A simple example of this would be for a university dining menu-scheduling app I'm building. They input different menu items for each of the different restaurants on campus. They often are only updating week by week, so I made a filter menu to allow them to quickly filter the menus for this week, next week, or by brkfst/lunch/dinner. It'd be really helpful for them also to have a custom filtering option where they can zero in on just one chosen day, to see all the menu items and double check for accuracy...or when changes to the menu occur due to supplies available.

Me too.  I came into this forum to specifically request this so good to see its not just me.

The way I would see it working is that the tabbed filters would apply an initial filter rule, and then the custom filter option would further filter within the filtered records of the initial rule.


So basically the filter table is just the first filter rule, made easier to use.

I agree - surely this would be a simple thing to implement?


Agree - would be very helpful!

Yes, please.

Would like to also see this option.

Not sure if it would work in your situation, but as a work around I have created separate views with a Menu with the Page Options set to Tabbed.  I then added the option to the view to enable users to set a filter.