Adding Grids to Emails

I’ve created an HR app, which includes job descriptions. Many of my users are HR Managers in their organisations that often need to send copies of job descriptions to people - eg potential candidates or recruiters. The job descriptions (JD) contain grids with the job activities, business outcomes, importance, and skills.

Currently, it is impossible to send the JD externally, without either manually cutting and pasting, or sending a link for them to view the JD via a search or some other clunky experience.

If the system could include a grid in the email, then that would resolve the issue, as I could set up a form that would use the email rule to email the complete JD, correctly formatted.

Another similar example would be if I wanted to email invoices created in knack where the invoice contains a grid of the billed items. Currently it would be impossible to email the complete invoice.

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I created a series of videos that walk you through creating a multi line PDF using Make and Microsoft Word, this may provide some help / inspiration.

Multiline PDF