User Input Via Email?

 Hi there,

Not sure if I'm going to need a script for this but here goes...


How do I send an email with possible links to decline or accept a job to freelancers that will change the job status in Knack automatically soon as they reply?

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Posting mainly so I can find this again next time I forget...

Use the following template use a query string for a particular field in a form:[{"value":"INPUTSTRINGHERE","field":"field_fieldID","operator":"is"}]

You'll need to find the view ID and the field ID in the builder. You may also need to expand out the ASCII codes

I don't believe this works for pages that require a login

Hello Flo,


You can just create a two view which update a particular job. 

One view contain Drop-down(hidden) with value Accepted  and when user submit the button then it will update in knack record .


for rejection Same type of view just Change Accepted to Rejected as auto-fill in drop-down.


Or you can just use the Query-string parameter RecordId=xyz&Value=Accepted 

and RecordId=xyz&Value=Rejected . and update with the help of ajax call .



Sunny Singla