Add an Advanced Search Menu View

I wish it were possible to search an entire list of records using multiple different criteria all from a single menu. One of the objects being recorded is called the “Class” object which has the fields:

-Zip Code: Some classes are specific to certain areas
-Day of week availability: Which days of the week the class meets
-Time of day: When the class meets each day
-Gender Filters: Some classes are male only, some female only, and some available to both.

The person I am working for thinks the default advanced filter menu for lists is too complicated, as he wants the app to cater to people who may not be as tech savvy, and suggests it would be better if it was its own view.

Hey @Kenneth_Romeo - Are you referring to just adding the filter button to a table to allow users to filter records and create their own queries?
If so, you may want to look at the search component which allows you to have fields that the user can select from and then submit to run the query.
If not, then I apologise, you may be thinking of something new :blush:

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