Filter Menus -> Multiple fields

The filter menu option has been very useful to place frequent use filter options but it is currently limited to one field only.

Is it possible to have multiple groupings of filter options. One group for each field.

For example:

Group 1, filter by 'product type':

Option 1 - Chair

Option 2 - Table

Option 3 - Drawer

Group 2, filter by material:

Option 1 - Wood

Option 2 - Plastic

Option 3 - Metal

Group 3, filter by colour:

Option 1 - Red

Option 2 - Black

Option 3 - Blue

I can now filter by Blue Chairs made of Metal.

This is something that I'd be interested in as well; sort of a product selector/filter.

I was looking for a way to do something very similar to this. To extend this example, if I'm looking at Blue Metal Chair, I'd like a way I can have a link that takes me to a table of all Blue Metal products, or all Blue Chairs of any material, or all Metal Chairs in other colors.

Is there a way in the "Details" links to bring up a view of all records that match the current record across multiple fields?

Yes the filter buttons are very limited as you can’t add multi-filters to a table filter button … how do you say “The last 7 days” for example, as you need to combine “Today” with “Previous 6 days” … impossible to do currently. Please take this foreard as an update feature?

Hi @andrewstee38626 - there is actually a way around this, you’ll be please to hear!

The trick is to use a field combined with conditional rules to set values on which you can filter - for example:

You could have several such fields or one with multiple possible values depending on the use-case.


Yes, I considered that, but on a 400,000 record object I try keep conditionals to a minimum - it helps with speed?

Ah - I think I would agree generally!

Much better to have some proper filter features.