Yyyy-mm-dd Date Format

As a Builder, I would like to allow Live App users to enter the date in any format they'd like and for it to be translated to the field's specified format (eg. dd/mm/yyyy). We are have staff located in various countries and they do not all use the same date format.

A natural language date parser would allow users to enter the date as they'd like. Two examples of tools to allow for this feature: chrono and date-parser.

Glad to have found the date formatter link here. Will try

..but can it be used in a Grouping header

Grouping Headers generally need options, like being able to give them labels and date formatting options.

Thanks for the clarification Alex! It sounds like a natural language date parser (converter) would be a feature that would be helpful here. I'll get this feature request recorded.

In the meantime, you could use the description text on the form input to let your Live App users know what format the date is in.

In my test, a text formula field cannot be used to get user input in a form. Thus, it can only be used for displaying a date. Getting the right input is the need because this is where a user will get it wrong (07/08/2018 is July 8th or August 7th?)

Hi Alex - could you provide some further details on what you mean by 'not able to handle input properly'? It sounds like you've tried the Date Formatter of the text formula field, but that's not working as you need.