I18n support for dates, numbers and sorting

At the moment the i18n support is very limited. Date formats used in most of the world are missing, decimal separators, sort orders and such all seems to be en_US only. It would be helpful, at a minimum to add:

  • Additional date formats, including YYYY-MM-DD (which is probably the most common format in the world)

  • Support both “.” and “,” as decimal delimiter in input

  • Sorting of non en_US text correctly, for example with åäö.

Hi Pehr - 

A wide range of date formats are now available with our text formula field Date Formatter function! For example, you could set up a date as:

formatDate({Date}, YYYY/MM/DD) or formatDate({Date}, YYYY.MM.DD)

Please reach out to support@knack.com with any questions. Thanks!