Date formatting display options

Using dats a lot and there’s a need to enable date formatting in forms and tables including day of week, month names etc.

We now have an even more flexible Date Formatter function for text formula fields. You can build any date format you’d like. For example, an ISO 8601 format would be set up as:

formatDate({Date}, YYYY-MM-DD)

Please reach out to with any questions. Thanks!

Brandon, I cant seem to find the right way to isolate the end time of the date/time field. I read through the articles. What can you, or anyone suggest.

We recently upgraded both equations and text combos with functions to use individual parts of a date.

I would like to use a fraction of the date info that I have in a field. For instance, if I have dd/mm/yyyy and I just want dd/mm in another field, how can I do a text combo or something else to get this format?

Microsoft Office type flexibility would be great, so you can choose what the date and time components look like, and how they’re strung together.

For example, for June: m=“6”, mm=“06”, mmm=“Jun”, mmmm=“June”, mmmmm=“J”.
For 1st of the month: d=“1”, dd=“01”, ddd=“Mon”, dddd=“Monday”. Add ddddd=“M”?
So, a template of ddmmyy hh:mm:ss would resolve to something like “010615 10:09:27”.