Add more date field options

As a Builder, I would like to be able to extract additional formats from equation fields (numeric functions):

- getQuarter (Q1)
- getWeekQuarter (Q1W8)
- custom date output (only output YYYY or YY)

While this doesn't solve for all of the feature requests here, just wanted to make those following this conversation aware of our Date Formatter options, which can be found here: Text Formula Functions > Date Formatter.  

Thanks for the the great ideas! We're listening and our product team is considering these requests.



Has anyone solved the Birthdate issue? A way to eliminate the year?


I know this it's been a while since this thread was last posted in, but for anyone else looking for how to do this, the following custom code adds a month and year picker:


$('.knack-date').datepicker('option', {

    changeMonth: true,

    changeYear: true,

    yearRange: 'c-100:c+10'



Under the 'yearRange' option, 'c-100' means that the number of years will go back 100. c+10 means the latest possible year available is in ten years from now - you can update those as you need to.

Hi-- I like Tanner's suggestion. 

I am using Knack as a simple Waiver form, and using the date field for peoples' birthdays. 

The date field is cumbersome to choose birthday, since default is today's date, and the back button only changes the month. Users have to eventually manually type in their birthday. 

A Birthday "day, month, year" picker would be great. For birthdays it should probably be 3 separate dropdown fields. And as someone above mentioned, the option to enable/disable the year dropdown.

I’m surprised not to be able to just the YYYY (year number) in a field. Please add this feature. Thanks



I would like one additional date format:


This is recognized as *the* standard international date format so I can't see why Knack should not implement it (high benefit vs. low complexity of implementation). This is very very common, just take a look at

to add to this - I use the date field for birthday. when the user clicks in the date field it automatically pops up with today's monthly calendar. This can confuse people to thing they have to click-scroll all the way back month-by-month to their birthday if they don't know you can just type in the date.

Maybe an option to not show the monthly pop-up when you click the field so people can just type in the date themselves. thanks.

Totally agree with Alistair - have requested this several times so good to know I'm not alone :-)

Added to the above - it would be great to have additional Date field filter options. 

As well as the below, it would be VERY useful to have the "is not" versions of the following:

  • Is not today (obvi. you can use the is not XX/XX/XXXX but this doesn't update for preset filters)
  • Is not during the current (week, month, quarter, year)
  • Is not during the previous (day, week....)

The year formatting, in addition to the formats it currently allows, should at a minimum should also include YYYY.

Not being able to use the date filters on years is a big limitation.

Another thing I'd like is the ability to have a day and month but not a year. For example, I'd like to record people's birthdays but not everyone wants to give their full DOB including the year. Most people are happy sharing the day/month of their birth. Facebook and iphone birthdays feature allow this so it's not totally off the wall...