Add date Format, YYYY/MM/DD

Add date Format, YYYY/MM/DD

I sometimes use a year first format with my dates. There are meany reasons why someone may do this, and it is the ISO date format that has been officially adopted by some countries (like Sweden) and industries

EDIT: I originally made a mistake and wrote YYYY/DD/MM

Hi Patrick - 

This is now possible with our text formula field Date Formatter function! You can build any date format you’d like now. For example, the format you suggested would be set up as:

formatDate({Date}, YYYY/MM/DD)

Please reach out to with any questions. Thanks!

I agree - the date formatting needs to be urgently improved to get the best financial analysis out of Knack


Sweden is not using YYYY/DD/MM, the date format used in Sweden is YYYY-MM-DD.

Anyhow, I think the date formats should be way more flexible than now.

Yes, when wanting YYYY MM DD it is typical to use dashes between the parts (YYYY-MM-DD) and not slashes (YYYY/MM/DD). The presence of dashes suggests even the format being used.