Support ISO 8601 date format


Unfortunately the formatDate() function doesn't really help.  We were already using this to create a duplicate of every single date field.

right({Date Created},4)-left({Date Created},2)-mid({Date Created},3,2)

The formatDate function effectively does the same thing.  The drawback to this is that you can not use these ISO dates to enter dates, only to report them.  We end up with dates showing up as mm/dd/yyyy in some places and in yyyy-mm-dd in other places.  Not great.  I would still like to see a proper ISO date format added to the field directly so we can enter dates in ISO format with a date picker available.

Hi Jaka - 

This is now possible with our text formula field Date Formatter function! You can build any date format you’d like now. For example, the ISO 8601 format would be set up as:

formatDate({Date}, YYYY-MM-DD)

Please reach out to with any questions. Thanks!


this can be now achieved with a formula field where the user enters the data in the normal (non-ISO 8601) format and then the formula field arranges the record. Still, it would be a great feature to add and with very low effort for Knack

I want yyyy-mm-dd please

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Yes please! This can’t be hard to implement.

PLEASE, yes.  :)

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