Field Validation

Field Validation

We are excited to announce field validation for number and currency fields in both the builder and the Live App. When entering data into number or currency fields, the system will now check to ensure the input is a number. If non-numerical text is entered (besides formatting, such as a decimal or comma), a clear message will appear informing users to input a numerical value instead. This update should enhance the accuracy of your data and create a better experience for your users.


Fantastic update! Thank you! Will this also include the ability to make date values unique fields or provide some something in the validation area so that the same date can’t be entered twice? I run into an issues constantly when I import new data and try to connect the data to dates. Unfortunately it won’t let me do it because dates cannot be unique values. I have a bit of a work-around, but it only partially works and usually leaves me manually entering a bunch of information.


Excellent news, great to have validation on number and currency fields. Thank you :+1:


I don’t see why not! Thanks for the idea


I love this new feature, however it’s not backward compatible with API requests that are sending in the payload for these fields as empty strings which is causing issues for us across many projects.

It would be really nice if there were some sort of notification of API breaking changes, so that we can stay on top of this instead of needing to urgently make fixes.

@Kelson I am so very sorry about this - we’ve implemented a new process to make sure that this does not happen in the future.
My apologies,