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What web hosting is best to embed Knack app into. I know Knack mentions Weebly, but all business accounts are Square. Anything better? I am going to re-do web site and add the Knack code and would like the knack up to include as much of the same feel and look as the actual web site. Thanks everyone.

May help if you’ve not seen the knowledge base article. :+1:

@Kyle - one thing I recommend to customers embedding apps in their websites is to create a page which has as little styling as possible to host your app - this prevents styling conflicts which can cause you some grief.

Thanks Carl. Yes read this…This is where I knew they had no known issue with Weebly, but they did with Square. Square now owns Weebly. As far as existing site, I am doing a complete rebuild of the current site with different domain name. Might need the help on computing miles, though.

Thanks. Trying to get hosting company that has very little styling on basically a blank page.

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We are currently embedding some of our knack forms on Weebly/Square without problems. No issues with embedded forms or reports.

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