Embed app with 'knack-logo' displayed

Keen to embed our app into a web page using the embed code but with the 'knack-logo' id displayed.

Currently it's removed when embedded - anyone know how?

I would be careful copying/pasting the app html source code. I've done this in the past and noticed issues due to the script source changing.

Thanks for this! I'm about to try an embed in Weebly, and I see that the Knack documentation says "Weebly: works great, no known issues". Brad, Josh - what was involved in getting this setup in Weebly so that the CSS matches the original site?

Brad, you are correct - I found it in the Chrome inspector.

I originally tried using Weebly as well and ran into those same problems. I would recommend just doing a basic hosting package through GoDaddy ($4 a month) so that you avoid the "extra work".

You can just take that code above and copy and paste it onto a blank html page and it will look exactly as it does in the Knack URL. Feel free to comment on this if anyone needs help with it!

Let me know if this works for you!

This still works 5 years later - is there a proper way to display the knack-logo banner for embedded apps?