Google Sites Embed any luck?


Has anybody had any luck embedding knack app in a google sites page. I tried three methods - all rendered the login page but neither worked after logging in

Method #1:

I copied the embed code in to embed window in Google sites. Login page renders fine but when I login I get a blank page. 

Method #2:

I copied the URL of the published app to URI embed box on Google Sites. Login page renders fine but when I login the next page top menu renders for less than a second and then I am logged out and brought back to login screen again. 

Method #3:

I copied the the source html from login page and pasted to embed code box in n Google sites. Login page renders fine but when I login I get a blank page.  (same as Method #1 error)

Any advice appreciated



Take a look here


There is NO short (or possibly long term) fix for Google sites . Here is the info I got from support

 "Some platforms just do not work well with our embeds - especially when it comes to URLs, due to how we form those. Our pages utilize the # symbol to determine what content to load, and sometimes that can throw off other platforms - which is what is happening with your Google Sites embed."


So my "fix" was as outlined above (i.e. do not embed) but make them look similar

393445919991 What is the short-term fix? status is here. They have applied short term fix. Unlikely anything else is coming in the short/mid term as this is due to a 3rd party change.

Google Sites will probably not work with embedding in the short/mid term. In response I changed the look of my Knack App and Google Sites to look very similar (also cross linked them) so it's not as evident to users when they swap from one to another.

Just want to flag that my organization is having this problem, too!

Please notify me when the issue is fixed. Thanks!

Hello Noel,


I was first made aware of this bug on thursday, march 5th as well, yet I didn't perceive the full scale of it until this monday, march 9th and did a variety of tests to confirm. This due to the fact that I received complaints from my end-users who are almost 100% using Google Chrome as their browser and embedded knack apps as well.


That being said I'm writing in this thread so I can also be notified of the fix as well.

Knack support are on this ........ and have contacted me a few times about this  ..latest pasted below:

" We are aware of a known issue that Safari, Chrome, and a few other browsers have changed the way they handle session embeds, that is at odds with the setup we have configured. This is our highest priority issue right now, and a fix is just about ready to be released. So I've linked this ticket to the open issue, so we can notify you as soon as the solution is released. Which should be today.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions in the meantime. We apologize for this inconvenience!

We'll update that forum post you created when it's resolved as well - so thank you for posting there so others can stay up to date too. "

We just started having this same issue. IE renders it fine, but Chrome kicks back to the login screen after logging in. Any luck on finding a fix for this?

Hi Julian,

Thanks for that. I was in fact using Chrome on MacOS. I tried Safari and got same result.

Interestingly when I tried the opera browser I was able to login and access the "landing screen" and see it fine.

How ever when I clicked on any menu to view or update it opens another tab and then fails to load.

Not sure if this throws any more light on the source issues I wonder 

tks again Noel

Not sure if this will have anything to do with your issue, but I think there are some browser based issues with secured embedded apps - especially with Mac Safari - you may want to try a different one?