Embedding Knack and Authenticaing with Google SSO

I am trying to embed a Knack App into a Happeo (https://www.happeo.com/) intranet page. We use Google SSO to authenticate all our users in Knack.

So the embed loads n the intranet page and displays the google authentication button correctly. However, when the user presses the button to authenticate, they get an error that says "accounts.google.com refused to connect."

I have since added the https://app.happeo.com/ URL/Domain to the list of Authorized JavaScript origins and the list of Authorized redirect URIs but there has been no effect.

I tried to embed in Google sites but got a different error. I have not tried on any other services.

Hi. Where else have you tried embedding the app, or only in Happeo?  I'm going through this issue right now. Trying to figure out if it's an issue with all embeds, or just certain ones (Google Sites, Happeo, etc).

I gave up trying to embed Knack. I was planning to embed in Google Sites but the the # at end of urls breaks the SSO for some reason. Disappointing TBH but best I could do was make both sites aesthetically alike and use tabs/buttons on the Google Sites side to deep link to specific knack app pages (and similarly on Knack side) . Bit of a kludge but tbh fair I think its recent browser security enhancements that broke this.

Thanks Noel. Alas that is not the issue. Google SSO works for your users if they go directly to the Knack web interface. The problem occurs when we embed that interface into a different portal.

Ive seen this issue a few times and the problem was always that I had setup the info incorrectly in the google console. 




Are your able to navigate to accounts.google.com directly?

Nope. It has not worked yet. tried from a completely different laptop and a completely different browser. No change.

Did you already figured this out perhaps? I was able to sign up no problem. If you're still experiencing problems, try clearing your browser's cache or trying to login on a different network.
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