Problem with Google Sign-in (SSO)

Has anyone had issues with Sign-in with Google?

I have set this up and it works. However, every once in a while, about once in a month or two frequency, a user will suddenly be unable to sign-in with Google. After clicking on the sign-in button, they will get a blank Knack loading screen and stay there forever. The only way to solve this is the user will have to login using username/password combo instead. Thereafter, this will be fixed and they can use Google Sign-in for another month or two.

This eventually happens to every user and will repeat. It happens to each user on their own terms, not simultaneously. Support have been unhelpful, as all they tell me is to follow the Help directions to set it up correctly.

I’m suspecting some kind of user information in Knack is being corrupt and using username/password combo resets it.

I’m in IT and it’s pretty common to implement Sign-in With Google with other apps. I have never encountered issues like this that is intermittent and yet persistent, it’s been going on for a year now.

Any tips are welcome, thanks!

Oh, additional info: I have two apps set up with Google Sign-in and this issue only happens with one of them.

Hi @Ken1 ,

Thank you for sharing your experience and concern with Google SSO.

We appreciate your detailed description of the issue you’ve been facing, and we’re sorry to hear about the challenges you and your app users have encountered. We understand your frustration, and we’re committed to helping you resolve this matter.

To offer more targeted support and delve deeper into the intermittent sign-in issue you’re facing, we ask if you could provide us with the latest support ticket number related to this issue. This will help our team re-examine the matter and ensure a more thorough investigation to find a suitable resolution for you.

Once you provide your ticket number, I’ll ensure that the matter is thoroughly investigated, and we’ll do our best to find a resolution that addresses this issue once and for all.

We look forward to assisting you further. Have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

Hi @Les,

The last interaction was in June, there’s no ticket number. The email address was if that means anything.

I’m happy to open a new ticket, I really want this to be resolved. Thank you.

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Thanks for your input, @Ken1. We’ve checked your last ticket from June, but unfortunately, we didn’t receive a response to our latest follow-up.

To ensure we can effectively investigate and resolve the Google SSO sign-in issue that intermittently affects some users, it would be helpful if you could submit a new ticket the next time this occurs for another user of your app. Alternatively, if you currently have an affected user, submitting a ticket today would be valuable for us to address the issue promptly.

When creating the new ticket, please provide the following details:

  • The affected user’s email address or their account record, specifically for those who are currently experiencing the issue.
  • The URL of the Live App where this behavior is observed.
  • A screenshot of what the affected user sees in the browser console.
  • The date and time of the last login attempt.
  • Any changes that were made to the user account just before this issue started occurring for them.

This information will assist our team in diagnosing and resolving the issue effectively. We appreciate your collaboration and look forward to your continued feedback to ensure a smoother experience for all of your users.

Have a great week, Ken! :slight_smile:

It just happened again, so I have sent details to support. Thank you again!

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FYI, if any one sees this post… the issue was resolved late January. Since then, I was able to confirm this issue no longer happens. Thanks to the Knack team.

Details: we found out the issue was that the 60-day password expiration policy also prevented signing in using SSO when the Knack user password expired. Now, SSO users can sign in forever, while password users will be stopped if they let their password expire.

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