Mobile Login Issues

My users are having multiple issues with the login. For iphones, for some odd reason it won’t remember the username and password. For one user, when they go to the login page, the screen is blank except the header and the menu (which won’t do anything when they click on it). I finally had to find a workaround and create a shortcut on the users iphone which then suddenly allowed for the remembering of the username and password. This works about 98% of the time.

It seems when there are software updates needed on the phones, these problems seem to arise even more. I can’t require everyone to always keep their phone updated, and I don’t understand why a new update needed would cause a browser or login not to function.

I’m interested to use the single sign on to make it easier for my users as some of them are not even using the software over frustration of simply getting logged in; however my knowledge is limited on SSO setup.

I’ve really never expereinced such trouble with login issues on other website and software. If anyone else has a suggestion or experience in this, please let me know your thoughts or ideas on how to fix this.