Updating a field based on whether 'today' is within date range or not


I've got a list of field techs who are rostered on and off at different times.  To make it easy for schedulers to identify the currently rostered on tech, I'd like to be able to update a 'Status' field based on whether a date range (eg 'Rostered On') includes today's date or not.  For example:

Tech 1 - On between 5/9/19 and 10/9/19.  On 5/9, status should change to 'Rostered On' and stay that way until 11/9 when it should change to 'Not Available'.

I've tried doing this with conditional logic but can't get it to work.  Any ideas please?


Thank you!

Hello Isis,

It's simple i think. 


I try and it's works for me 


I added 2 field one is formula field 

({currentDate}>={fromdate} and {currentDate}<={todate})?1:0

and one with conditional logic 



Sunny Singla