Retrieve "Date Updated" field


I am currently working on a backup system using Make.
It works fine, but I would like to retrieve only records that have been created/modified during the last X days.

I do not have a solution to do so, is this something doable ?

This information is basically available here :


But is it possible to add this information into one field instead ?

Thank you !

I may be missing the point on this one, so apologies if that’s the case :thinking:, but if you’re using Make you can set a criteria to find records based on less than x days from current date/time.

Hello Carl

The context is : I want backup Knack tables using Make.
Currently the method is a full backup each time the scenario is run. It works but it costs a lot of operations, not fine !

So I am looking for a way to backup only records that have been created or updated between today and today-X days (and to run the backup scenario every X days).
To get this value I think the only way is currenlty to create a field 'Update_Date" dans create a record rule in each form interacting with this record, but I have many of them…

This value is actually computed by knack in the backend, so being able to get it natively would be nice.

I hope my problem is clearer now, any advise is welcome ! :pray: