Creating Work Shifts using Days of Week?!

Hey all,

Hoping for some help on this!

I'm trying to hide certain fields on a form based on a users work days.

For example, User (A) works only Monday-Thursday and I don't want them accessing specific questions on forms during Friday/Saturday/Sunday related to weekend work.

Hiding the fields is the easy part! But I can't figure out how to create an object that is based on a date range (i.e. Employee A is tied to Shift 1 = Monday - Friday [date equation = range between 2 - 5].)

Would this be the best work flow in achieving this? 

  1. Set a date range for a specific shift (i.e. Monday - Friday = 2-5). 
  2. Create an object connected to the date range (Shift A = 2-5) 
  3. Trigger a boolean response to indicate if user meets the date range (If current date is not 2-5 = update boolean field to N) (If current date is 2-5 update boolean field to Y) 
  4. If boolean field is (N) hide form values. 
  5. If boolean field is (Y) show values. 

Any advice or direction on executing this?