Connecting users to objects

I am sure this is the most basic request but I have spent hours trying to figure this out. Please bear with me and please would someone help?

I have two user types - a doctor and a hospital

An hospital (user) can create a shift (object), and can indeed create multiple shifts.

I would like to have the location/name of the hospital appear in the fields//column in the list of shifts. A doctor can see all available shifts but the hospital can only see the ones they have posted. The doctor needs to see the location of the hospital.

I have connected the user-hospital to object-shift but the name of the hospital doesn't appear. Its a one hospital to many shifts connection.

I would also like to have multiple users work at the same hospital be able to access many shifts but that is a bit later on - that would be a many to many relationship?

Please can someone explain what I am doing wrong or help me figure this out? It should be easy to me but I think I am missing something.


Thanks for the reply Julian I've actually got it almosy working how I would like except for one small thing.

When a new user registers, they can create a new hospital object if there isn't one available. This should associate their account with that hospital.

However, it does so in "Accounts" but a sub-user, connected to that account called Manager doesn't have the connection.

When a user registers, they choose their user type and based on that, a new user is created. A manager should be associated with a hospital but it looks like I have to do this manually. I'm trying to work out a way of the hospital connection surviving the creation of the Manager user-type and keeping the connection intact.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Ok, I'm guessing a bit based on what you wrote, where is the location information stored? in the shift object? I'll assume so for now, you just need to create a text formula "Location/Shift" containing for example {location} - {shift} and then in the settings for the shift object make the "Location/Shift" field the display field...