How do I create a feedback form and allow others to view it please?

I have a shift object which any doctor can apply for. This creates a connected application and the "submitted by" box is filled with the logged-in doctor. So far so good.

When it comes to emailing information out to the hospital or to the doctor, only the fields in the application object are accessible. This isn't the end of the world but it is annoying - Knack! Please allow email to populate with connected fields!

When a shift has been completed, the application changes from booked to completed and I'd like to create a feedback form linked to the doctor. In future, any hospital should be able to click on the doctor's name if they have applied and see feedback about them from previous work placements.

I made a feedback object and it is connected to the hospital, the application and the doctor but I can't associate the feedback with the doctor because when I create a new feedback object using the "insert new record", it doesn't allow it. What am I doing wrong? I thought about linking to a form but then it isn't linked to that particular shift and the user needs to associate it which I am trying to avoid.

Likwise, I'd like the doctor to be able to provide feedback on accommodation and working at a particular hospital. Same structure I assume?

Just when I feel like I understand connections, it stumps me.

Any help gratefully received.


Thanks Julian - I thought about that but won't the view of the application object be restricted to the hospital/doctor that applies/advertises the shift due to the connections?


I tried that and it works perfectly. So much easier - thank you! Geeting close here!

Hi Mark

I'm thinking you could probably simplify the structure here - could you not just use a feedback field (or fields) on the application object and simply have a view showing this once the shift is complete? (you could do the same for Doctor feedback I guess as well)