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Hi folks can anyone please tell me how i setup a link

i have got a page setup as review and at the end of the page i manage to say Next Page but when i click it comes back to the same review page. I want it to go to another page which is 360 review

Anyone please :)


Morning folks back on here and wondering if one of you guys available for some tricky questions.

Please if someone can help

If you make the connection FROM employee TO vote in a way that "each employee connects to one vote - each vote connects to many employees" and you select radio buttons, you cannot have anyone to make multiple choices. So there will be one choice (out of 9) per each evaluator.

Regarding the link, In my timezone it's 3.00 am so I won't be able to go through it now but post it here so someone else might support you.

In general, what Sergi explained before is valid to make a multi-step form to respect the workflow you have in mind. Regarding square box, colors etc, this requires custom CSS development. You can copy / modify the examples I've posted above

ideally this is what the flow is going to be as this will be a module to existing database

Hi davide,

Thank you i have got the connections with radio buttons. Currently it is displaying but i want square box around each block and possibly lock to each option

e.g tech can only pick 1 box

then maybe colour coded on reports page as what the feedback looks like after all 3 have them finished it.

i can send you my link how it is looking currently

  • You have your object "employee" or whatever is the object of the evaluation.
  • You have an object "votes" or whatever, which has all the 9 possible votes
  • You then connect employee to votes (1-to-many) three times and you call these 3 connection as: Tech, Supervisor, Manager

At this point, you have the 3 votes and you can make reports etc.

Regarding the CSS, this is somehow what you're looking for:

Thank you Davide,

I am by no means a hardcore programmer or in css or java mate. i got the page and created the radio buttons but not sure how i can make it so at the end it forms a report to show 3 designated peoples grading.

which is the technician, supervisor and then the management

It's doable, but it requires a hell of a customization...

I suggest this approach, then the others can contribute:

1) You have all the content of the squares inside an object "Rate" where you have your title, short description, long description, bla bla bla. The object will be shown by its title
2) You connect to the employee that object 3 times (one per each evaluator)

3) You make the field as a radio button

4) You put some CSS to make the 9 radios to show as a 3x3 clickable squares matrix

5) You put somewhere else in the same scene a table / list with all the 9 objects and then you hide it

6) Through Javascript you can take the other information you need for each option (description etc) and append it to your square

5+6 BIS) You can do the same through API calls but why doing API calls when you get most of the information you need through views through the Knack.models[view.key].data ?
Additional tip: If you use the Knack.models either you're calling those inside a scene render or you have to add a check that ensures that the target view has rendered already otherwise your Knack.models[view.key].data will be undefined...

Happy hacking!

Hi Sergi,

i have attached the grid so i am doing a appraisal software where by technician will pick where they think they are.

Supervisor will access and pick where they think the tech is and finally the management will pick.

Sorry Logsmannu I just don't understand you. Could you give me some graphic example of what you want to achieve.

Hi Sergi,

You are a legend mate. Thank you. I have achieved 1/3 of what i wanted. Have you done anything with grids on knack.

it is taking me to another form but displays as Add a new option on bottom of the page which i can get away but ideally i wanted it to take me to 9 box grid whereby the technician, supervisor and management will pick each box to show where the employee is progressing to if that makes sense

Hi Logsmannu,

I don't know if you mean doing a review form on multiple pages.
If so, you must go to the settings of your form and in form rules > actions, select 'redirect to a new child page' or 'redirect to a existing page'

The second page must be a form that edit your record and continue with other fields.