Adding Ratings to Search Result pages

I have a new members database that I created for a group. We have designed it a business owners database listing. The business owners have logins to create their business entries. We are using the Home Page with the search to be deployed for all of the other members, not everyone may be a business owner and don’t have a user login.

There has been a popular request to have a ratings or voting system to positively endorse businesses they have had positive experiences with.

I have added the field, but it doesn’t display on the page when viewed. I tested unchecking the box to hide fields without data since this is a new database most don’t have ratings yet.

How can I get the ratings field to display so that users who search for businesses in the database, can add a rating to the business?

Hey @Kelli - I’m struggling to understand the issue. Happy to connect a take a quick look to see if we can move this forward.

That would be great. What is the best way to connect?

Email me: and we can arrange to connect on Zoom. :blush: