Update Equipment Location

Happy Friday to everyone. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
New problem for today. I have a truck object, trailer object, Check Call Log object that is each trucks can connect to many Check Call, each trailer can connect to many check call. Each Check Call Log record can connect with one truck and one trailer.

I can add location to truck and trailer through ADD form, then I put this check call log on a list of trucks or trailers it is blank. If I allow inline edit I can insert a check call log into the truck or trailer list, even to the point of having multiple locations showing, I really want to truck trailer report to just show the most recent location for each piece of equipment. What am I doing wrong?


I’m not sure I completely understand what you are asking, but let me describe something to see if this addresses your problem.

Create a Location object and give each location a name (could be a city or location number, etc.). Then connect each truck, trailer and check call log to the location. Now you should be able to view all Trucks and Trailers at a given location.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for reaching out. A Driver location at any given time and date is any one of the millions of addresses in the USA and Canada. Why can I not create a Driver Check Call object, then when driver calls in and gives his truck number, trailer number and drivers name. That data is stored in object called driver check log. Then I want those addresses to display in the truck object, trailer object, driver object. (which is a one to many relationship) Each Truck Connects to many driver check call log. Each Trailer connects with many driver check log. It does not matter if I use the driver check call logs in the view or go to tab for connects objects and use location from inside the driver check call log. Using a location object connected to the driver check call seems like adding a new object when it should not be needed.

Not saying it wont work, it just might but still not sure I understand why I would need another object with just addresses. Why cant we just use the locations stored in the driver check call object with location field.


In this case, you might want to put an address field in the Truck and Trailer objects. In the Add Call Log form, use rules to copy the Address in the form to the Truck->Address field and the Trailer->Address field.

Now you can display the Trucks and Trailers and the most recent Address for each.


I have did that many times. I will try again. I think I have tried every single combination to get it working.

The form you had at the beginning of this post is to Add a Check Call record. I assume the fields for Truck and Trailer are Connection fields. Given that:

Record Rules:

  1. Update Connected Record - Truck Connected to this record
    Values - Last Known Address - to a form value - Address

This would copy the ‘Address’ field from the form to the connected Truck record field ‘Last Known Address’.

Repeat for Trailer.

Thanks you. Seems to work on my baby sandbox app I just created. Let me see if I can duplicate in the big app, lol.