Undo and Revision History

There should be an UNDO feature.

Especially in the backend. Revert, or REVISION HISTORY or something.

I can't actually find such a request by searching this forum. And I cannot quite believe it. I must not know how to search the forums. There are two references to UNDO but not a direct request for UNDO. As a brand new user to Knack (still in free trial period) I can't believe there is such already.

With Undo feature (as I get used to it) it would save a lot of frustration for rapid development and prototyping.

Also with a Revision History feature, this might also work for front end editing, if admin can recover content that user ditched by accident.

Great product tho!!!

Hi Rob -

Our team has been having lots of discussions around more accessible restore and backup options for our customers. A similar thread you might be interested in following is "Deploy changed objects/views to production".

Can you walk us through what type of undo and revision history would be most useful in your case? As you are building would you like to be able to walk back to a previous version of a page, undo any page changes before you hit Save, undo data updates, etc.?

We appreciate your time in showing us your particular use case, thanks!

So I’m building our first app to take over completely for our business. I input the data for one table. It has a Client field. I make a Client table with addresses. I try to connect them, and sudenly every record in my first table now has a blank client. And no way to go back a step? It’s not a very good start. Does that mean that EVERY time i make a mistake, my data will not be stored and i will possibly lose something with no way to Undo a step?? What do you suggest? It’s my first time building and we really want to sign up for Corporate use for a year, but this is concerning.I appreciate to be GDPR compliant you don’t store deleted or overwritten data but could you have a “preview change” feature or at least keep one step in memory? I can’t quite believe i have to reimport all 5000 records again because I made a mistake?