An UNDO feature when editing

As a programmer, I want to be able to UNDO a page or record when editing .

Sometimes if I remove a button or link from a page (intentionally or unintentionally) it DELETES a sub page / view I may have created. There seems to be no way to UNDO what I may have dine unintentionally. This is a big headache as it creates a steeper and frustrating learning curve.

Thank You

Adding an undo function in the builder is is currently blocked by technical limitations. This feature is related to user accessible backups (for both records and application schemas).

We’d love to provide this level of flexibility, but in the meantime we’re also interested in addressing error prevention. Ideally our product is designed in a way that prevents the problem from occurring in the first place! If we can’t do that, at least present you with the option to confirm the action before committing a breaking change.

Let us know if you have more thoughts around those moments where you wish you could have undone an action, so we can make sure we understand the pain points here. Thanks!

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Thank you for your prompt and fair response. understood. Could you PERHAPS place a deleted PAGE (non resuable) as deleted, but that we can reference to see - so if needed it could to be recreated we don’t have to start from scratch?

Perhaps there could be a way where any views or pages that will be affected by the deletion are listed in the confirmation pop up? I think it would be helpful for ensuring that we don’t delete something that we didn’t want to, and to confirm that we are deleting pages/views that we ultimately want to delete/don’t care if they’re deleted.


Yes Cheyenne, because more times than not, I have found that I deleted a page unknowingly. It seems this is somewhat common.

Rome is not built in one day.
How about select “something” to undo, that can be undone and does not affect the data structure ?

I would like to thank Knack for this space, the quick responses and the ability to converse about this and other topics important to us… Thank You!

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Appreciate the additional comments here! It sounds like there’s particular pain around the workflow by which you need to remove a link to a child page, but want to access and re-link “orphaned” pages from other parent pages in your app.

There’s a separate need for undoing or rolling back more straightforward actions, such as record deletions.

If we need more specific feedback, we’ll circle back here, but please continue to add thoughts if anyone has them. Thanks!


Understand the limitations you described and thank you for taking the time to articulate the answer.

Perhaps, this could be helped by having a more specific warning. Currently the warning comes up even when deleting a link to a page or page itself that is empty. This induces some callousness to the warnings.

Is it possible to display the pages that would be deleted as a result of the action?


Perhaps snapshots, instead of typical Ctrl-Z undo.