Trying to build a mobile version

Hi All,

I have a complete desktop version of my app and now I would like to access a liter version of it in mobile. i can't use the same views of desktop pages because they have very long tables, which will not be good on mobile. So I was thinking how to create a mobile view with only the most crucial information of my app.

The idea that came to my mind was to create litter view versions, with less columns. But to make it work, I need to create new users (mobile ones) so I could limit the access to those view only for mobile users. So I duplicated the regular user to mobile user, adding a mobile. before the email address and I was able to only show the pages of the mobile version.

This works like a workaround, but was wondering if there is a way to use the regular users already created and still only show the mobile view when I access the app from a mobile.

Any other idea?