Hide views based on mobile/desktop

I would like to be able to show/hide views based on mobile/desktop screen width.

For example, our in the field users of a table of home inspections does not need to see the detailed description of the room they're surveying, but our in-office staff does need to see this view. The rest of the page is the same so I'd prefer not to have to set up a duplicate page, with only this view removed and add other page rules and other fields to use in those page rules just for this show/hide of this information.

I would add the ability to hide fields on tables, lists, details views etc when on mobile

+1 from me - the current solution is to create a table and a list for the same object and control visibility with CSS.

Agreed.  This would be very helpful to me.

I have done some research on this - apparently it might be possible with some coding but to have it as a default knack option would be brilliant for me - I am no coder!

Would be handy. Sometimes I prefer tables for larger screens and lists or smaller tables for small screens.