Hide Field Rule in a 3-Column List View

Hello all, I have an online shopping store where I display my products with an image and fields that include Item info and pricing.

I currently have 3 different pricing tiers with 3 fields to display them. For the rules under List, it doesn’t have this option to hide them as a grid would based on user settings.

I wanted to ask for help on a way to do this? as creating 3 separate views and hiding them makes Knack really slow.

I would like to see the same feature. I was just about to post on this same very issue. Using separate views also makes the page look cluttered and the rules difficult to manage, especially if there are other views on the page.

It would also be good to hid grid columns based on roles. For example. We have “administrators” that have the ability to delete or update records, but we don’t want standard users to be able to do so.