Hide or remove columns from tables and prevent filtering on any fields

Greetings Knacksters!

I’ve just added two cool new features to the KTL: GitHub - cortexrd/Knack-Toolkit-Library: Knack Toolkit Library
The documentation has just been updated also.

Hiding columns from a table
You can now hide columns from any table by adding _HIDDEN to its header’s text.
If you add _REMOVE, it will also delete it from the DOM for added security.

This gives you more control over the data being displayed, while maintaining the full search capability on those hidden fields.

Prevent filtering on specific fields in a table
Using the Builder’s Description text of a table, you can now inhibit filtering on the fields of your choice.
At the end of your text, add NO_FILTER= followed by the list of fields separated by commas.

Ex: This is my description text NO_FILTER=field_101, field_124, field_281

I’d love to read your feedback about this and any other KTL features.

Hope you like it,
Normand Defayette
Cortex R&D Inc.


You’ve made this so easy!

Thank you,


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Hi David,

Very happy to see that you found this useful and easy. Thanks for the feedback.

Now I’ve just made several updates in the recent days. So you probably want to download the latest code and replace the old one. I’m also working on a better and simpler way to do the KTL updates: typically, if all goes well, all you’ll have to do is change a number in the bootloader to point to the latest code. But I need more testers like you to reach the first stable official release 1.0.0.