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Hello dear magITians

Not sure if it is a feature request or a functionality I don’t know about, but is there a way to easily view our live app as different roles (Client/Admin/Secretary/etc)?
I personalized my app for the different roles, with different permissions and pages/displays, but to view it live, I only see it in my role as allmighty admin. Is there a way to easily switch apart fromcreating dummy accounts?

Unless I’m missing something in your explanation, you can simply change / update / toggle the user roles in your Account record. When you view in the live app, the pages and views you see will be dependent on your current role(s).
As soon as you navigate or update the page the rules will take effect.


You’re right, I was just making it be complicated for nothing.
I still wish there was a simple toggle “View page as” but changing my own role is good enough.

Thank you dear sir

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Changing roles works to an extent, but if you don’t have any records associated with yourself in that role it only shows half the story.

For example when you have a specific user with issues and you want to see what they see. It would be great to be able to view as that account.

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Actually, I just changed my role to be able to “view as” a different role, but due to the way my app is set-up, removing myself from my usual role pretty much reseted that record, and disassociated me with all the apointments previously connected to that role…
I managed to fix it, but not fun, I will abstain next time. :-/