Table vs Pivot Table Calculations

I need to do what I’ll call both “Vertical” and “Horizontal” calculations at the same time. What is the best way to accomplish this?
In this fake example, each street is a different length, so the snow plower charges a different rate for that street. However, the HOA wants to charge everyone the SAME amount. So we don’t need the cost per lot that I can calculate using an equation in the table.

I can do the “vertical” sum of the # of Lots and the Cost in a pivot table report, but I can’t do the “horizontal” division equation that would result in the yellow-highlighted amounts.


The only thing I have thought of so far is to make a connected parent table of Neighborhoods and streets and then do the calculations there… but I worry that will make all my table edits take longer.

If I under stand your requirements I believe just Grouping your Neighborhood field and adding Totals to your Table View should get you what you need:

Note on that link they total donations by Person field.

That will not give me what is highlighted in yellow (one column divided by another) because the grouping just sums that column. So cost per lot for Fox Estates will say $125 instead of $41.67.

Here is my actual data, overlaid onto Excel and the numbers in red are the horizontal calculation I’m trying to get. 3902141.04 divided by 8892 is 438.84