How do I create a 'league table'

I can use counts and sums across an object to calculate monthly totals, for example, but this slows down processing speed across a large object.  I can create a pivot table that sort of gives the same result but I cant then sort the pivot to get the highest figures to the top of the table etc ... without throwing a whole table of results to excel and totalling and sorting in there, can anyone help with sorting pivot tables please?


Andrew (UK)

Hi Andrew

Did you get anywhere with this - if I could ask a question:

I am trying to create a sum of daily transactions by employee which would allow display conditions, i.e. show in red if a figure is not met.

You cannot do display conditions in a pivot table, so Knack have advised that I create a sum field in my data and then report on that, but it only seems to add up ALL the employee transactions since they started. I wondered how you got your montly totals into an object?

Many thanks

Annie (UK)