How to Add a Calculation Row to a Pivot Table

I've got this great Pivot Table dashboard report in my app that shows the different statuses of my project Bids and then shows a Sum at the bottom. For Example, in the month of June -- I have 2 Unproposed, 10 Proposed, 2 Lost, 1 Passed, and 5 Won. Total is 20.  All this shows up in an easy Pivot Table.  

Very useful. I'ld like to be able to show my Win% as well, ideally in an additional row below the Sum. It would be a simple calculation dividing the WON counts by the sum.  (5/20= 25%).

I'm not versed in Javascript, etc, so would need some help to just know what to insert here to accomplish this? I'd also be open to creating another object that sums by months and then do the calculations in that table, but not sure how to accomplish that either. Thanks for any help!



Hi Brandon, have you found a way to get the percentage in the pivot table? I've been trying to do the same but no luck :(