Sync'ing database with files in directory

1. Be able to launch a job that detects all files in a directory and imports them one by one without user intervention

2. Be able to detect a record from a file as being imported before through a multi-field key comparison

Marcos, Robert: Great additions. If anyone else has more: please submit. I’d be happy to join them all together into one growing large, coherent feature request. In fact I had already suggested to Brandon and Eric to set up a few such trails, such that not a lot of energy is split into a thousand details, but rather focused into a road map with a restricted, well thought through and massively underpinned set.

I agree with both Fred and Robert and would add that allowing end users to import records once an import schema is configured would also open up some possibilities. However, in order to maintain the consistency of the app, we'd have to be able to run Submit Rules for each record like when you add a record using a form.These rules could be configured within the schema.

I would like to suggest that be able setup saved import specs too. Meaning, would like to choose a import saved schema so as not to map each time. Not sure if need to create a new topic or not.