CSV import via API

Each day make a manual import from a csv file.

We'd like to create those records through your REST API, but there are three linked objects and we don't know their Knack ID but the value of another column (the ID of our application) and I didn't find anything about it in your public API documentation.

Let's say we import 1'000 records a day into a table with 5 connections.
To map each of those connections on our side, we'd need 5 requests per record.
After saving the record itself, we'd have sent the 6th request.

Sure it's state of the art to use a REST API to update und insert a record in another system.
But we can't sync the information in real time as it would be transmitted during the afternoon when our Knack App is already under full load (and we don't need the data instantly anyway).

Let's say each of those 6'000 request takes 0.5sec to be answered and processed, we'd still need 50 minutes to finish the import job,a queue management system and alot of energy.
For our case, it does not male alot of sense to make 6'000 requests, when the exactly same thing could be done with a single CSV and way less overhead.

An alternative could be to first cache those 5 tables on our side.
But as they are not static, it would require us to download the whole data daily of which we'd only need a part, which doesn't sound promising to me.