Record Import Details

I use the record import function a lot in my app. I’m moving new data and updating old data in my app from another application we use on a weekly basis. We are looking into APIs to do this in the future but are not sure we are ready to go that route. When importing records it would be great if at the end of the import it would give me a brief summary of how many records were updated, how many were created, and possibly how many were skipped. It would be even more awesome if the import could change a date/time field to the date and time of the import if it was changed or created during the import.

It would also be great if when performing an import we had an option to skip a record if a match is found, not just update.

For example, we import Invoices from a financial app. Sometimes we make changes to those records like updating the company name to something more meaningful to us (for example changing Federal Bureau of Investigation to FBI, we need the full name in the accounting software, but not in our app). If my import finds a matching invoice number I know it’s already been imported previously and I don’t want to overwrite any of the fields, however if it doesn’t find a match I want it to create a new record. Is something like this possible?