Importing records

I've just done a test import to my app to make sure it all works before the real import of the data and I've hit a problem. What happens is that is any of my records have the same email address then the latter record overwrites the former record and so for two records with the same email it leaves only the one record in the app.

I have lots of members who share emails so this is a problem, I didnt think it would do that with the import as i havent selected that the email field be unique- is this a setting embedded into the email field? 

So thinking of doing a work around and just creating a short text field and calling it email -  I'm happy to have duplicate emails in the app - but wasnt sure if i would lose any functionality by doing this workaround, does the email field do anything special that I would need?

I'll be creating an integration with mailchimp, but I'm presuming I can tell it which fields to map to the email in Mailchimp so that wouldnt be an issue would it?

all advice gladly welcomed!

Jonathan x

Hey Jonathan,

Could you please clarify whether you are importing these records into an account object? If so, the email field is used as the username for logging in, so it's important that it be unique. Email fields in non-account objects in your app can contain duplicates without a problem.