Improve Export and Import

As I am unable to merge 2 databases I regularly (weekly) export and import a large data object between 2 databases. Every time I do it even though all field names are identical it does not do the mapping correctly automatically particularly on image and address fields so that about a third of fields have to be changed manually. Would it be possible to be able to save my import template (field mapping) so that I don't have to do this rework every week ?

Any news about this??

Any updates on this? It seems like the last message dates from a year ago but I don't see much improvement.

We regularly have to import data and there are many issues:

(1) It takes a long time (2-5 minutes) to upload barely 10 or 20 entries.

(2) I have to manually map fields that are connected to another table. Is it possible to map directly?

For example, if I have a connecting field named "Client", it will ask me if I want to map to Client ID, Client Name, Client Mobile, etc. It'd be great if we could map directly to Client ID or Client Name for instance without having to manually select.

Agree - hope to see this coming soon :-)

That's great news. James