SQL like reporting on one-to-many relationships

At present, you have to duplicate data in child records to report on some fields, even though the data is already available in the connected parent.

It would be great to have have more SQL like reporting features so I could pull a report of type of parent for example. by sums of certain totals stored in child records.

I'm pretty sure this is possible with SQL without duplicating a parent value in a child object (one to many) which has to be done in Knack.

This would mean I wouldn't have to store any duplicate data at all - which would allow me to build more lightweight, easer-to-maintain applications.

I am trying out Knaq for an education provider.. and I believe this will be one of the most important functions for us.. Someone earlier mentioned the idea of Shared Database Table like "Contacts".. There would be no need for that function if we are able to pull reports of Parent & Child together..