Displaying connected data in reports

My team and I are trying to include reports in our database that compare data from many connected objects, but are struggling with making this work.

For example, we have objects containing financial data separated by year (e.g. object 1 = 2017, object 2 = 2018, object 3 = 2019) that each contain records relating to the same journals (say there are 300 journals, each object contains a record for each of these).

The records are connected and this works well when building views displaying tables of info from each object, but not when building reports. Ideally, we would like line graphs taking the relevant data point for each journal from each year so that it is possible to see revenue or cost or some other metric over time.

This would be a super useful feature and I look forward to hearing any news on it’s development!

This sounds like a similar scenario ive had... what i did what make a single Master table and connected it to child tables and pulled into it just the metrics i wanted. 

i also believe that what i am asking graphs to do , were i asking the graph to source two different tables, doesnt make sense mathematically so it cannot render a graph. id be happy to follow up with you Pat

I second this request. Experiencing problems similar to Rosie. It doesn't make sense that we can join tables/display connect records for views, but not for records. I'm contemplating creating redundant fields so that I can create needed reports.I really hope this is part of the new upcoming release.