Spoofed Message

Has anyone else started to receive the emails received via Knack marked as "This may be a spoofed message. Gmail couldn't verify that it was actually sent from your account." I have asked for help with both Knack Support and the Gmail Forum but have yet to find any resolution, can anyone help ?

The advice from the Gmail forum is as below which I don't think I can influence with just sending an email via Knack:

The third party sender address that is being affected with this issue, could you let me know if it has the following specifications:
1. Sign messages with DKIM
2. Publish an SPF record.
3. Publish a DMARC policy
4. The sending IP must have a PTR record (i.e., a reverse DNS of the sending IP) and it should match the IP obtained via the forward DNS resolution of the hostname specified in the PTR record. Otherwise, mail will be marked as spam or possibly rejected.
5. The sending domain should pass either SPF check or DKIM check. Otherwise, mail might be marked as not verified.

Thanks for your help Sam, it shows as below but I cannot work out from the Learn more whether I can help this ?

SPF: PASS with IP Learn more
DKIM: PASS with domain knack.com Learn more
DMARC: FAIL Learn more

I don't have that issue anymore.

Did you setup the DNS records for your domain you are sending emails from?

Knack currently uses sendgrid to send emails from your APP.

In Gmail, on the message, click the drop down and click "Show Original". It should give more info regarding DKIM and SPF PASS/FAIL.

See this form. https://knackhq.knack.com/knack-custom-domains