How do I contact Knack support?

Hi - I have priority support with my billing - and there used to be a chat function in the developer area which has disappeared.

I’ve got an urgent request and have sent in via the message facility and have also emailed I’ve had no acknowledgement or answer.

Anyone got any other ideas on how I can get through to them?

Hi Jo - would you mind confirming what email address have you contacted us from so that we can investigate this?

As far as the chat function goes - you should still be able to access it.
However, it might be conflicting with some browser extensions such as various adblockers, which might be interpreting the chat popup as an ad - if you’re using any you could try allowing ads on the knack builder pages (as there aren’t any actual ads).

Hi – I contacted you via the app “contact us” portal and also emailed from

There seems to be no option to start a chat (the screenshot of what I get is below. I have paused Bitdefender and cleanmymac for the site and as far as I am aware, there are no other pop up blockers in place:

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Thanks for circling back here - that’s odd. Could you try another browser, without any extensions enabled and in incognito mode?

Since the support chat is a third-party software our ability to troubleshoot issues with the popup not appear is somewhat limited.

As far as your emails go - it looks like Robert and I have responded to each of those, but have received no feedback from your end, so there might be a deliverability issue on your end when it comes to our responses.

In case you weren’t seeing those responses in your email inbox for some reason, you should also be able to check those requests at

Thanks Marek – I can’t log into the portal as I don’t have a password, and the password reset emails aren’t coming through to my email, even though I’ve added you to safe senders :frowning:

I HAVE managed to get the chat pop up to work on Safari so I left a message there but it’s showing as not read, 8 hours later (I can see you are busy, so perhaps this is normal? I just wondered if it’s getting through in order to be logged etc?).

Thanks, Jo