Showing quarters in date/time

Dear all,

our firm develops PBSA and hotels around Europe, where the projects undergo different phases. In the initial phases the construction end/planned opening of a project is not 100% set on the day. We can only indicate at what time approximately the opening of Project X will be - e.g. in Q4 2024 the hotel will open.

This is important for investors to know about since a specific date or day cannot be clearly stated, only an approximate time. Our request therefore is to have a feature on showing quarters in the date/time field.


Hey Lisa!

Thanks for this feature suggestion! We absolutely understand the need for being able to output dates in an array of formats including quarters. To support these, we provide Date Format functions when using Text Formulas.

In your scenario, you’d need a date/time field which only requires an approximate project date as it’s there to help generate the reference quarter. You then add a Text Formula using this function:

formatDate({insert your date field}, Q)

This then outputs the quarter as 1 through 4 for you to use in tables, etc for your investor pages.

You can read more on Date Format functions here: